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June 12 2016


Review | Glossier Haloscope Highlighter in Topaz and Quartz

Holy shit. Glossier that. Anytime something becomes ubiquitous from the beauty world Glossier will coyly drop a basic rebuttal have a tendency to is like an answered prayer. Inside a sea of dipbrow pomade and carved eyebrows, there were Boy Brow. Once you couldn�t spit without hitting a tube of liquid to matte lipstick, there were Generation G. (Oh, and stickers. Mustn't ignore the stickers.) Within a tizzy of highlighters, they subversively dropped the Haloscope with an otherwise uneventful Monday. Enough time between the announcement email and my order confirmation were hairsbredth apart.


The Haloscope ($22) is a cream highlight which comes inside a twist-up tube. The casing is unfussy: white and plastic. If you were very far-sighted, you can confuse them for a glue stick. There's two shades: Topaz and Quartz. Topaz is a warm midtone gold and Quartz is really a cool pale orchid pink. Like the Skin Tint, these feature ACTUAL CRYSTALS. (It�s in ingredients list!) My precious.

What sets this business apart is they feature a balm core. This can help sheer the item out and offers moisture for the skin rather than just shimmer so that you turn out dewy, not merely reflective. I swatched each on the back of me and i'm looking at them even while I write this. Thanks to the balm, they slide on skin without the tugging. They�re understated with no single trace of glitter. I tapped them out and marveled at just how even Quartz (a shade I believed belly off as ashen on my own bosc pear colored complexion) looked bright and inoffensive. Topaz blended out just like an Instagram filter or thin layer of tumeric, adding sunset warmth to skin. No ruddiness, either. I felt warning signs of early-onset gout from your persistent rotating of my wrist to catch the sunlight.

Blend these out with your fingertips and so the heat will help it melt into your skin. Don�t concern yourself with setting them with powder, either. You desire it to appear humid. In addition to the usual cheekbone and brow bone, swipe some in your bare lids, on your earlobes if the tresses are up, along with your collarbones as garnish. Haloscope is really a pleasant addition to any low-maintenance folk�s daily schedule. Could it be the most pigmented highlighter? Not by a long shot. But, that's form of the actual. The sort of simplicity where you can apply it in complete darkness, if you ever get in the tourist cavern after hours. If your Skin Fetish is perfect for air conditioner people, the Haloscope is definitely for windows-open people. And, boy, does that breeze happy.

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